ManuDyn Cloud 9 Features

ManuDyn Cloud 9 is a fully featured Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP II) system for job shop manufacturing. Our interactive dashboard and drill down enquiries give you the real time information you need from whereever you are.
Here are just some of our many features:

Real time shop floor data collection

The ManuDyn shop floor data collection screen allows the operator to view a prioritized list of jobs that need to be worked on, and provides a simple method to clock onto these jobs and record the time taken and quantity done. This information feeds back into the Manufacturing Control Center so you can see who is working on what job, when they should be finished, and which employees or operations are idle.

Item Engineering with revision history

Define a manufactured item with a bill of materials that can contain an unlimited number of levels. Set a list of operations, with setup and process time, that need to be performed on the materials to create the manufactured item. Each time the item is manufactured the system keeps the material and operation history so that a historical record of the previous revisions can be kept.

Multiple Vendor Support with unit of measure conversion

Store an unlimited number of vendors against each material item with detail including Vendor Item Code, lead time and price. For each vendor you can also identify their units of measure and any necessary conversion factor to convert these into your units of measure.

Quoting and Estimating

The ManuDyn system takes the multi level bill of material and operation details and applies up to 5 categories of markup to generate a quote price with multiple quantity breaks. Email quotes directly from the system.

Print Job Tickets with attached drawings

The Job Ticket shows the operator what materials are required along with the sequence of operations that need to be done to produce the finished product. For each operation the operator instructions are displayed along with the estimated times and operation due dates. The ManuDyn system allows for an unlimited number of drawings to be attached to an item which are then printed with the job ticket.

Master Production Schedule

Each job in ManuDyn is automatically added to the production schedule based on the job's due date and the estimated times of each operation. Using the "Job Inquiry" feature the system can show you the impact of a new order on the existing schedule so you can determine if the due date is viable. The schedule can be displayed in a variety of formats, such as a priority work list, or as an interactive Gantt chart that shows available capacity and allows you to alter the scheduled start dates of operations as required.

Real time Job Cost and Job Status reporting

See how much a job has cost compared to your estimates with detail for each material item and labor operation. Compare actual cost to order value for one order or for a range of orders. Be altered in real time when a job starts to go above its estimated cost, or when an operation is taking longer than estimated.

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