Manufacturing and Accounting

What are the manufacturing features of ManuDyn?

ManuDyn is a Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) system that allows you to :
  • Create multi level bill of materials
  • Define labor times and instructions for manufactured items
  • Print production work orders with attached drawings
  • Trace items by Lot and Serial number
  • Order materials based on vendor lead times and when the job is scheduled
  • Generate and maintain a Master Production Schedule in real time
  • Know what is happening on every job and how much it has cost in real time

Real Time Accounting and integration with QuickBooks.

ManuDyn also provides the following accounting functions:
  • Debtors Invoicing (from the Sales Order system)
  • Debtor Receipts (and Credits) with Aged Balance and Statement reporting
  • Vendor Bill receipt (Supplier Invoice) and reconcilliation to Purchase Order goods receieved
  • Creditor Returns and Payments with Aged Balance and Statement reporting
When ManuDyn is integrated with Quickbooks Online the debtor invoice and vendor bills are transferred to Quickbooks for finalisation in that system rather than in ManuDyn.
It takes less than 5 minutes to link the two systems, and if you are an existing QuickBooks user your data will be automatically transferred to ManuDyn so that you are ready to start manufacturing.

What does it cost?

It costs nothing to start the 30 day free trial, and there is nothing to install so you don't need to worry about another piece of software to maintain.

After your free trial ends the complete system with QuickBooks integration is $70 per month for a single user, with discounts for additional users.

There are no lock in contracts and should you decide to cancel your subscription we will refund the remaining balance of your subscription for the unused period.