ManuDyn Cloud 9 News

Cloud 9 and the Apple iPad

ManuDynUSA Introduces a New Era in Manufacturing Mobility with the Announcement of SaaS - ManuDyn™ Cloud 9 and the Apple iPad™

Cloud 9 – the creation of Manufacturing Software Pty Ltd. with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, a leader in providing optimized solutions for Job Shop manufacturing environments since 1987.

  • No expensive in-house servers
  • No Internal IT Staff
  • No downtime for software upgrades or backups
  • No delays for expensive implementation and training
  • No long-term contracts
  • Low cost of ownership through a monthly fee-per-user charge
  • True Web Browser functionality and Internet Flexibility

Utilizing the Apple iPad™’s new, two-way video conferencing capability in a lightweight package with up to 10 hours of battery life, provides an entirely new range of manufacturing capabilities. From allowing quality issues to be examined directly from the shop floor, to Distribution Managers and Purchasing Agents literally having the ability to take the plant with them to show Customers and Suppliers what is happening in real-time.

Management can now access critical manufacturing, operational and financial data in seconds from anywhere in the world through the Internet and the powerful combination of ManuDyn™ Cloud 9 and the new Apple iPad™ Two Cameras. FaceTime, HD Video and now immediate access from the field directly to the shop floor.